Most people won't notice an old truck sitting in a field out in the country somewhere,
or at best, they just see it as abandoned junk.
But, if you're like me (and you probably are, since you've come to this page),
you see an old retired "workhorse" spending it's remaining days at rest.
Maybe you wonder about all the work it's done, or the miles of roads it's traveled, or how it looked when
it was shiney and new. And, like me, you might stop and take a closer look.

Although modern trucks are bigger, faster, more efficient, and more comfortable,
I think that trucks from the first half of the twentieth century
have a certain beauty that modern trucks lack.
Whether a classic truck is original, lovingly restored, or just left in the last place it could make it to,
I think it's beauty shows through, and it's this beauty that I've tried to capture in my photographs.
I hope you like them

1935 or 36 Ford

If you ever listened to rock music in the 70s, the name on the side
of this truck might look familiar. If you just know trucks, you know that
REO are the initials of Ransom E. Olds the company's founder, who by the way
also created the Oldsmobile. The REO company was at some time sold to Diamond
trucks, and another bands name was created: "Diamond REO" a preasent day country band.
I can't think of another peice of heavy equipment that had such an influence
on the music industry.

Blue Wheel

Chevy Tow Truck

1918 Mack
Update: According to an emial I received,
this Mack is a model AB.
Thanks to Steve for the info.

If you can help with the description of any of these trucks,
please email me. I can usually find what make a truck is, but
can't always figure out exactly what year it is.

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